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Let's play a variety of activities in 3ac farm!!

Kiwi Fruit Country has a variety of activities (plays and experiences) that take advantage of the vast nature and many photogenic spots,
not only Japan's largest kiwi farm!!

How to enjoy is up to you! There are endless possibilities!
Have fun all day with your family and friends!

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In the large park, you can see the state of kiwi grow up close and you can play in the fresh forest.
No pesticides or herbicides are used, so babies and children are also safe.


If you have any questions, please contact us in advance Contact Form

YES Online Shop [ja] Sell souvenir kiwis, goods, drinks, etc
Cashless payment
VISAMASTERCARDJCB Only credit card payment is supported
Free (100 cars) Access Infomation Please contact us in advance for large vehicles
Pet friendly
YES Since it is a large farm, please come with a lead
YES Please refrain from smoking outside the smoking area beside the reception / shop
Bring your own
Free to bring lunches and foods Please take your trash and leftovers home
Electronic toiletJapanese-style toiletWestern-style toiletAccessible Restroom
For Babies and Children
Nursing room There is no daycare or rental baby stroller
English Speaking Staff
YES If you are uneasy, please let us know your date and time of visit in advance
Reception / Shop

The building with a cute appearance is a reception and a shop.
When you enter the farm, here is an explanation of all-you-can-eat and notes.

We also sell takeaway kiwis, drinks and kiwi-related goods.
Please drop in on the way home! There is also a cafe space so you can relax!

You can also enter the farm with your pet! Because it is wide, please come with a lead!

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Nobi Nobi Squre

You can interact with animals as soon as you enter the farm from the reception / shop.
Cute rabbits and goats are welcome!!

There are rabbits, goats, sheep, miniature pigs, peonies, chabos, and aigamo ducks in the place!!
You can also experience feeding food such as vegetable sticks.

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Nakayoshi House

You can enjoy our proud BBQ that just bring yourself!
Leave everything you need for preparation and clean up, and don't worry if it rains because there is a plastic house.

You can also see how kiwi grows up close. Kiwi flowers can be seen from spring to summer (around May - June)!

Kiwi harvesting experience is also conducted in winter (November -).

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Kiwi Field

Kiwi fields spread out through Nakayoshi House!!

Kiwi harvesting experience is also conducted in winter (November -).

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Photo Spot of kiwi field

Superb view point overlooking Kiwi field!! You can feel great nature from a small hill.
Please come to experience the expanse beyond the picture.

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Hill of encounter

It is a superb view point of the Japanese green tea plantation spreading beyond the mountain and the sunset over it.

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Tree House

A tree house that everyone loves from children to adults!!
The journey to the tree house is fun like exploring!

Please enjoy the clothes that are easy to move because the foot is bad or the road is narrow.

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