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Earth Friendly Agriculture Style Environment (Clean air, Water, sun and so on) is essential to life to keep the environment is our responsibility.
That's is why we are focusing to Organic Circulation Agriculture Style.
Learn together how to enjoy nature and thank the blessings of nature.

Peace the world with agriculture! - Sustainable lifestyle -

People are allowed to use it naturally

When I work in the field, I notice that there are brooks and trees, look at bugs in the ground and small fish. By touching and experiencing the familiar nature, people feel and learn something. In an efficiency-oriented society where development is to break down and develop nature, I believe that agriculture should have functions and missions that are not limited to cultivating crops.

Having questioned the social tendency of "de-agriculture", I struggled for "reinstatement of agriculture", shared the joy of harvest with my family and friends, and came to the experience farm where they interact with animals.

The beginning was ONE teaspoon of kiwi seeds

In 1976, I met kiwi in American life. At that time, it was in the examination stage in the US. It is brown and hairy, emerald green inside.It was a touch I had never experienced before. I did not get permission to bring back to Japan with young tree, but my friend gave me a teaspoon of kiwi seeds.

In Japan, in order to do agriculture with passion, we needed something new that was not tied to the existing constitution. Let's grow kiwi. There are Curiosity, nastyness, and a spirit of challenge to new things. My farm grow up to the largest kiwi farm in Japan, develops 80 types, 1000 trees, and more than 50 types of new varieties.

What is the real richness?

Being in nature, we can reaffirm the greatness of nature, the way we live and the fact that humans are being helped by various lives. Agriculture is "food". If you think about agriculture and rural areas through "food", you will be able to think about what humanity can do to live on Earth.

We will continue to provide a place where you can experience and learn "Nature", "Agriculture" and "Real" while having fun, from small children to adults. That is the work of our kiwi fruit country Japan, and it is my own lifestyle.